Digital X-rays

Having a dental x-ray performed is part of our standard procedure here at South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry. When we use dental x-rays, we can pinpoint areas of tooth decay and bone loss and are especially an aid for many of our treatments. However, as digital technology becomes more advanced, so do we. We’ve incorporated digital methods of gathering your x-rays so we can diagnose and treat your teeth faster than ever before. For us, having the latest technology gives us many advances for our community, and we can perform the x-rays you need for your treatments.

cute little girl smiling pointing at the jaw x-ray

How Digital X-Rays Give Us The Big Picture

Our traditional ways of performing x-rays are slowly fading away, and instead of plastic holders and normal film, electronic sensors are now being utilized to our advantage. Digital processing has become a quicker way for us to diagnose serious conditions that, when not observed, can do serious harm to your teeth and gums. By implementing digital x-rays and removing the need for development times, dark rooms, and uncomfortable plastic mouth holders, we can easily discuss your treatment options and be able to diagnose faster than ever before.

So, what makes digital x-rays so vital to our practice? For our patients, we focus on providing you with a unique, comprehensive experience that validates your concerns, informs you about your conditions, and plans out long-term treatment plans that help keep your teeth and gums healthy. With the help of digital x-rays, our office is able to:

  • Safely store your medical information and organize it to allow us to better consult you during your visit. Going digital also allows us to store information at a greater capacity.
  • By going digital, our practice can eliminate the need for disposing of hazardous waste and chemical processing used by more traditional means of x-rays. They’re considered Eco-friendly in many cases.
  • Digital x-rays produce colorized, sharp images that can be expanded on during your evaluation session.
  • Allow us to detect issues or problems early with your oral health by enlarging images for a more accurate diagnosis. This can help you save time and money.
  • Copy, email, and print out your medical x-rays to deliver them to your health insurance company for treatment approvals.
  • Inform you better about your oral health, allowing us to provide you with a more interactive experience for caring for your teeth.


Get Your Yearly Evaluation Through Us!

For our practice, we believe that caring for your teeth matters. Dental x-rays are just a small part of how our practice operates to help our patients and communities have healthier, whiter smiles throughout their lives. With the help of our team, we aim to provide you with dental care that’s proven to help you and your loved ones have healthier teeth. For more information about South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry, arrange an appointment with our practice today to get your yearly dental appointment in and let us help you care for your teeth.

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