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Many dentists offer teeth whitening services as an excellent way to help their patients whiten their teeth. Teeth that have suffered from tooth discoloration, dental fluorosis and help brighten smiles of restorative teeth. Most dentists offer basic professional whitening treatments that include a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide mixture that works as a bleaching agent. However, for some dissatisfied patients, these treatments don’t last as long as they’d like or don’t provide enough whitening to help remove the discoloration from their teeth.

At South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry, we offer a teeth whitening treatment that’s different from all the rest. By incorporating the Phillips Zoom whitening treatment as part of our service, we can provide you with a whiter smile that’s faster and last longer.

Why Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

If your teeth have yellowed over time, then you’re not alone. This aesthetic problem has permeated the lives of many, and tooth discoloration has become a huge source of embarrassment that reduces self-esteem and approval of their appearance. However, this issue often lacks the awareness it needs, as people often live dissatisfied with the condition of their smiles. Often, tooth discoloration can happen for multiple reasons, including:

  • The Aging Process: As we age, our teeth often lose the vibrant white color due to the loss of proteins throughout the enamel, and even those who experience thorough brushing routines will experience this later on in life.
  • Tooth Trauma: Some cases of tooth trauma can result in the enamel losing its color, turning brown or dark black as a result of damage.
  • Pulpal Necrosis: When the internal pulp of a tooth dies, the enamel losses its proteins quicker, causing a rapid decay and loss of enamel, which often leads to tooth discoloration.
  • Dental Fluorosis: Some people ingest too much fluoride in their water systems and brushing products, causing the enamel to turn translucent white or brown as a result.
  • Tobacco, Coffee, and Tea: In other cases, smoking and drinking liquids with tannins or caramel colorings can often cause tooth discoloration.

Whitening your teeth may be able to solve many of the problems you’re experiencing, and with the Zoom whitening treatment, you can experience whiter teeth and gain the confidence boost you need.

What is The Phillips Zoom Treatment?

The Phillips Zoom in-office whitening treatment works to produce a whiter smile within 45 minutes by incorporating stronger whitening agents and protective sealants that instantly dries and whitens smiles. The zoom process uses 25% hydrogen peroxide to allow oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin and then bleach the stained substances lodged in your teeth. This varnish will not harm your teeth and will leave the internal structure of your tooth unchanged.

Before receiving any treatment, when you schedule an appointment with South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry, our dentists will perform an examination of your oral health to make sure you qualify for the treatment. Let us help you find the dental treatments you need and the whitening treatments that will best work for you.

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