Facial Aesthetics (Botox)

Learn More About Facial Aesthetics (Botox):

Botox is often associated with enhancing one’s beauty. Still, for those who often suffer from facial pain or have issues adjusting to new restorations, Botox can provide relief. It can help lift facial areas suffering from minor side effects of dental treatment. But why would a dentist perform Botox? Our advanced training in the oral and maxillofacial areas gives us a higher advantage over dermatologists and plastic surgeons in being able to provide Botox safely and effectively. Because of our experience in invasive dental procedures, understanding how we can help patients further is why we provide Botox services to those within our community.

How We Work With The Botox Primer:

By blocking the motor nerves throughout the facial areas, decreasing the sight of wrinkles, and relieve signs of discomfort from facial pain. While primarily used as a cosmetic treatment, many studies have cited that Botox can be used for many conditions in dentistry. We focus on not only improving your facial features aesthetically but also apply Botox as a means to help patients recover from various treatments and disorders. By relaxing the muscles, we’re able to help patients by using it for these issues:

  • Lip Repositioning: Some patients may experience problems positioning their lip muscles from dentures. In cases where dentures don’t fit right away, Botox can be used to help patients increase their vertical dimension and allow for an easier transition.
  • High Lip Lines: In cases where a patient’s smiles are affected by larger gum lines, the lip muscles can be relaxed to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • TMJ Disorder: With the popping and misalignment of the jawbone, Botox can act as a treatment for TMJ disorder, reducing the hyperactivity in the muscles and providing better pain relief.
  • Bruxism: Those who suffer from teeth grinding during the night can experience a better form of sleep through Botox. This allows the muscles to relax enough to help remove the need for night guard appliances.

For preparing for a Botox treatment, our dentists will first provide you with a dental exam and observe your medical history to make sure that you’re a candidate for this procedure. During this procedure, we will prep the area with topical numbing cream and mark the areas for injection. Each Botox treatment will only take a few minutes to be injected, and some symptoms you may experience can include mild redness, bruising, and soreness.

Receive Botox Treatment From Us Today!

Receiving Botox from our office at South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry can provide you with a safe, cost-effective solution to any facial problems you experience. As dentists, our experience in dealing with the facial muscles practically outstrips professions such as plastic surgeons, and because we focus highly on these facial features, our dentists work safely at providing our Botox treatments to help prevent adverse reactions and other issues that may occur. For more information about receiving Botox treatment, then contact our practice today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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