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Learn More About Composite Resin:

If you’ve been experiencing dental decay, discoloration, or mild damage from physical trauma to your teeth, it may be time to consider receiving dental bonding treatment. There’s a full range of cosmetic dental procedures available to address a full range of aesthetic and structural concerns. Among them, dental bonding has the ability to address multiple forms in a single treatment, producing a uniform and beautiful appearance at a rate affordable to many patients. South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry in Spokane, WA, is ready to work with you to start on the road to a beautifully restored smile.

Understanding The Basics Of Dental Bonding:

When existing dental concerns don’t require the level of repair available from crowns and implants, dental bonding may be the cosmetic solution you’re looking for. This treatment provides a viable solution for addressing one or more types of minor damage or aesthetic blemishes, especially in the front teeth. Inexpensive and simple, this procedure permits the correction of multiple issues at once, boosting the beauty of your smile and helping to enhance self-confidence. 

Composite resins are a popular solution for parents as they are affordable and easy to apply and have a standing history of over 50 years of use in restoration dentistry. This is due to the multiple benefits and strengths of the material and its use in this application, including:

  • Aesthetics: A combination of plastic and resins, known as a composite, provide durability and beauty that improves the ability of the teeth to withstand wear and tear. These benefits come with an appearance that closely mimics that of natural teeth.
  • Stability: Composite bonding works to fill in the cracks, spaces, and chips in your teeth while covering up any staining or discoloration that may be present. The material is directly applied to the surface of the tooth to restore the function and appearance of your natural teeth.
  • Alternative Value: These resins have been improving in quality, becoming more reliable over the past few decades in terms of durability and lifespan. The newest materials are resistant to wear and tear and staining from food alike.
  • Inexpensive: We provide this treatment at a rate that is affordable for our patients, providing another benefit to this form of cosmetic dentistry. With care, the restoration can last over ten years, making it a sound dental health investment.

The Process Of Applying Composite Bonding To Your Teeth:

The process used at South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry for applying composite bonding is fairly straightforward and quick. The application of this material is a four-step process:

  • The surface of the tooth is roughened to make a better surface for the resin to be applied to. In some instances, a conditioning fluid will be applied as well.
  • The mixed resin will then be applied to your teeth and be carefully shaped and molded to mirror the natural appearance of your teeth. This is done using a series of special tools that allow fine manipulation of the material. 
  • A curing light will be applied to help the resin cure or harden faster. This process takes only a few moments and ensures a solid and reliable bond.
  • Final adjustments will be made to remove excess resin and polish up the details of your new smile.

Discover composite resin options available from South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry in Spokane, WA today. Call us and arrange a visit with Dr. Ulysses Vargas at our clinic to begin your journey to a beautiful and flawless smile.

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