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Learn More About Clear Aligners:

At South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry, we aim to deliver comprehensive solutions for patients’ dental health needs, including orthodontic care. For many years one of the primary choices for orthodontic treatments has been metal braces, but recent innovations in clear aligners have brought new options to dental patients everywhere. 

Clear aligners make it possible to achieve results that previously required the use of traditional metal braces with a series of clear aligners based on 3D models of the patient’s teeth. In addition to not requiring springs, rubber bands, wires, or other metal parts to be effective, they can also be removed for up to 2 hours each day. This makes them a convenient alternative for patients who previously would have had to use traditional metal braces.

How Clear Aligners May Be The Right Solution For You:

Due to the ease of use and function clear aligners provide, many patients are making a move away from traditional braces as an orthodontic solution. The transparent and smooth surface of the plastic aligners means it’s almost impossible for the casual observer to notice them. The ability to remove them means that dietary limitations are essentially non-existent, as they are usually taken out for meals. Patients of almost any age are able to benefit from the effectiveness and convenience of clear aligners for orthodontic concerns, including:

  • Gapped Teeth – Gapping in the teeth can be corrected with clear aligners, avoiding the potential future problems that this gapping can bring. 
  • Overbites – When the upper row of teeth extends over the lower arch, it is known as an overbite. In many cases, overbites can be addressed with clear aligners. 
  • Overcrowding – Overlapping and shifting can occur when there is limited room at the rear of the jaw. The use of clear aligners can help correct tooth position as part of treatment for this condition. 
  • Underbites – An underbite occurs when the lower arch of teeth partially extends further forward than the upper arch.
  • Crossbites – When the upper and lower dental arches are offset from each other, it is known as a crossbite and is often accompanied by other orthodontic concerns. Clear aligners can be utilized as an important part of the treatment process for this concern.

Clear Aligner Treatment At South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry:

Before you undergo treatment for your orthodontic concerns, you’ll meet with Dr. Ulysses Vargas at our Spokane, WA clinic to undergo a full dental exam. During this visit, you’ll receive a consultation on any existing orthodontic issues and work with him and his assistants to develop a treatment plan. As part of the development of this plan, you’ll be assessed for treatment with clear aligners.

It’s important to remember that effective treatment with clear aligners requires that they be worn for 20-22 hours a day. This means that some patients may find they are not a realistic solution, especially if they have trouble committing to wearing them for these periods consistently. Failure to wear them as directed can result in results appearing slower than expected and potentially shifting back towards their original position. With commitment, effort, and a little bit of time, you’ll be seeing beautiful results from your clear align treatment in no time! Call today to get started!

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