Why More Men Are Receiving Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Within the last decade, more men have been receiving dental work at the office. While cosmetic dental work tends to be advertised mostly for women, the truth is that cosmetics are for everyone, including men. In fact, it’s also highly recommended that men try out famous treatments such as veneers, crowns, whitening sessions, and even implants to care for their health. This is because cosmetic procedures, in actuality, take both your health and your appearance in mind. So, what’s with this latest trend, and why has it become a popular alternative for men? We’re here to remove its bad reputation and help explain why treatment isn’t just appearance-deep. 

Why More Men Should Get Cosmetic Dental Treatment

For many cosmetic dentists, dental treatments incorporate both health and aesthetics into their practice, but one of the biggest deterrents of cosmetic procedures is their heavy emphasis on beauty. When most people think of beauty, they think of feminine-focused care that only focuses on exterior appearances. This isn’t true. In fact, many cosmetic dental treatments also tend to focus on health problems, especially long-term ones affected by poor access to oral care. One of the problems with this poor access is insurance coverage, as many dental procedures for those in low-income communities leave people without dental treatment. This problem is also true for men. The combination of these factors in play makes it a disastrous situation for men’s dental health. 

With the onset of these problems, it’s highly important for us as dentists to remove the stereotypes surrounding dental care, so that way people are able to get better access to better dental health. Seeking out dental treatment shouldn’t only just be for aesthetics, but balancing out aesthetic and health values in treatments can help patients not only feel healthier but be healthier overall. 

How Cosmetic Dental Treatment Benefits Everyone

While cosmetic dentistry tends to focus on a specific set of treatments with a specific focus in mind, family dentists, general dentists, and even specialists like orthodontists can work with cosmetic treatments to combine both health and aesthetics into one complete result. Receiving a consultation from your dentist can allow you to not only address oral health problems you face but also look at areas of your jawline, facial structure, and overall desired goals to help make your smile look gorgeous. For men, in particular, this brings out substantial benefits, including:  

  • Better Dental Health: Many cosmetic treatments can help protect men’s oral health, including veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening treatments. 
  • Improved Mental Health: Receiving cosmetic dental treatment also works to improve mental health. Getting dental treatment can improve self-esteem and boost confidence.
  • Healthier Social Life: For men focused on their careers, getting cosmetic dental treatment done can improve one’s career and provide more opportunities, and can help create friendships and lifelong relationships.
  • Saved Financial Expenses: While seeming expensive, its long-term benefits help save money by reducing the potential for cavities and gum disease.

To learn more, scheduling an appointment with your local dentist is the best way to improve your smile and find out which cosmetic dental treatments will work for you.

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