Treating Dark Triangles To Improve Your Dental Health

Our gums are some of the most neglected areas of our mouths, but they are vital for preserving our health. Our gums protect our teeth from decay and damage, cushioning the teeth and bones, and other tissues that make up our mouths. Having healthy gums is a great indicator of good oral health, but one small key feature that can be a warning sign is dark triangles, spaces between the teeth that look like black triangles. These spaces are areas where the gumline should meet and protect the teeth, and if you have noticed signs of dark triangles, then we’re here to help better inform you about how they can be treated.

What Causes Dark Triangles To Appear?

While not considered an immediate problem, this issue doesn’t get enough attention. At least 60% of people over the age of 20 have some degree of dark triangles in their mouths, and the number one cause of dark triangles is because of poor oral hygiene. However, many people are often unaware of this problem, despite it being one of the first indicators of poor oral health, and there are many factors that influence how black triangles appear, including:

  • Signs of Aging: While dental triangles can occur at any age, this increases the frequency in older patients over the age of 65. The aging process causes the gums to recede naturally. It can also cause the tooth enamel to weaken due to a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is usually the predecessor to this problem but can be prevented with vitamin D supplements.
  • Signs of Gum Disease: Dental triangles can develop due to untreated gingivitis. The infection along the gum line can cause the gums to recede over time if severe enough, and one of the first signs of gum recession appearing is dark triangles.
  • Dental Root Problems: In rarer cases, the tooth roots diverge and decay over time, and while usually preceded by cavities in the root canal, lack of nutrition and other forms of bacterial infections, this form of tooth-root decay can lead to dark triangles.
  • Dental Restoration Complications: Other causes can include improper dental restorations. Improper restorations can cause dental triangles due to complications, cosmetic inconsistencies, and other issues not noticed. At this point, patients with dental triangles from improper treatment should make a visit to a trusted restorative dentist for options. In other cases, even orthodontic care with braces can ultimately help remove dental triangles.

Learn About Treatment Options For Dark Triangles Today

While all of these factors can take place, dark triangles can be treated. Through numerous methods, including gum contouring, veneers, inlays, and dental bonding procedures, those dark spots in between your teeth can be repaired and healed over time. In cases where gum recession is present, gum grafts can be used to repair the structures and help regrow the gums back to health. No matter the cause, your dentist will be able to have the best dental options for you, so make sure to schedule an appointment today to learn more. 

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