The Top Aesthetic and Restorative Products Used By Dentists

One part of dentistry that often isn’t expressed is our passion for dental products, and we’re not just talking about toothpaste. When we refer to dental products, we’re talking about the tools of our trade, including rotary instruments, dental cement, and fabrication machines that give us the ability to do our jobs well. Many treatments rely on the success of these products for us to be able to treat diseases such as cavities because having faulty tools often results in failure. However, not many people know about the tools of our trade, so we’re here to discuss some of the most popular dental brands used by dentists to treat your teeth.

The Adhesives of Our Trade: The Most Popular Brands

For us, it’s so important for us to get your smile right, which means that the majority of our procedures often rely on having the right cement for your crown, the right whitening treatment for your shade of the tooth, and composite material for bonding sessions. It’s a dentist’s job to make sure that your teeth are healthy, and so a significant portion of our careers revolve around finding the right techniques and having the educational skill to use those products. Most importantly, safety measures are made through the FDA and ADA about how successful a product is in a clinical setting. Most products used in the dental industry have a percentage rate between 95 to 99%, so if the products we use don’t match up, then the product isn’t used!

So what products are most often used? Here are some of the most popular dental products used by today’s dentists and how they’re used in treatment:

  • Optibond Curing Adhesive: The Optibond universal solution is a bonding system that prepares the tooth for restorative procedures with adhesives. As a highly reliable system, it can be used with all types of cement and composites, and a similar option to that includes the 3M RelyX Universal Resin and Adhesive system.
  • Kor Teeth Whitening System: Whitening systems are a must in dentistry, so the demand for teeth whitening procedures, has led many dentists to use all-encompassed whitening systems, such as the Kor system and the SDI In-Office system.
  • Omnichroma Composites: The Omnichroma flow composite works to repair tooth structures. This specific product works to combine tooth shades with a composite resin material to make restoring teeth easier. The Venus Pearl One is another example of this type of composite and is also liked by its ability to blend seamlessly to the dentition.
  • Pulpdent BioActive Restorative: Bioactive restoratives have become the latest trend. It can infuse fluoride and other minerals into the tooth during the restoration process, making it useful for those with sensitive enamel. Another example of a bioactive restorative is Pulpdent Bioactive Restorative because of its highly successful reputation, and other options as the Ceramir Restore Quick cap have also been reported to work just as well.

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Each of these products is just a small example of what the world of dentistry looks like, and dentists can get quite selective about the techniques and products they use! If you find this fascinating, try speaking with your dentist at your next appointment about what their favorite products are!

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