Family Dentist VS Pediatric Dentist: Which Should You Choose?

If there’s anything that can cause parents a significant amount of stress, it’s finding new medical providers for their families. Thankfully, this concern isn’t one they face often. However, if a new child has entered the family or a move has made it impractical to see their old provider, there’s a lot to think about. Among these challenges, finding a new dental provider can be one of the most confusing. There are several different dental specialists, including family and pediatric dentists. This article focuses on clearing up some of the confusion and helping you make the best decision for your family.

Family Dentist VS Pediatric Dentist: Which Should You Choose?

Those looking into a dentist for their family might wonder what the difference is between these two specialists. Family dentists are ‘general’ specialists, focusing on the myriad of special dental needs faced by families of mixed ages. A family dentist is your go-to when young children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly are all involved. What these two share in common is an emphasis on child dental care. They also share an emphasis on dental education and preventative care to help maintain lifelong oral health. So, where are the differences?

  • Family Dentist – While part of their focus is on children, family dentists have a broader scope of care. They provide an environment where patients of every age can receive oral health treatments. These specialists focus on building lifetime relationships from the youngest newborn to the elderly. They’re a great option for mixed families with no exceptional concerns with their oral health. They can refer out to specialists like orthodontists and endodontists when necessary.  
  • Pediatric Dentist – Unlike family dentists, the pediatric dentist focuses solely on the needs and concerns of children. Their work goes beyond merely taking care of their dental health. They also work at providing a comfortable and welcoming environment. In addition, they address concerns faced by special needs children, those with dental anxiety, or those with difficult temperaments. Their clinics also provide dental education for patients and parents alike. This helps emphasize building lasting good oral health techniques.

These two specialists are both capable of providing incredible care for their patients. Another important part of pediatric dentistry is its focus on dental complications in young patients. The crucial developmental period that childhood represents can provide unique challenges and opportunities. These specialists are adept at identifying potential oral health concerns early. This allows them to be treated and a need for costly care later in life to be avoided.

Selecting The Best Dentist For Your Family

The first step in your journey will be your insurance provider’s list of covered physicians and specialists. By selecting one from this list, you’ll know that your insurance will cover them before you ever approach the office. Once you’ve passed this hurdle, you can check with review sites like Yelp. They’ll give you an indication of what others have experienced during their care with these practitioners.

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