How We Discuss Dental Health During Child Milestones

As children grow, they will need trips to the dentist for the rest of their childhood. Once their baby teeth start popping out, it’s important to schedule their first appointment within the first six months to make sure their smile’s protected and healthy. However, going to the dentist is more than just regular cleanings – in many ways, dentists are highly responsible for aspects of your child’s oral health. Emphasizing good oral hygiene is just one part of the many facets of being a dentist, and we’re here to show what that means for your growing child.

How We Help Your Child Have Healthy Teeth For Life 

Your child’s development is a key, central part of their dental care. This means keeping track of the growth rate of their teeth, how their jawline forms, and keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy from disease. As dentists, our careers revolve around healthy smiles. For dentists treating children, this means providing them with valuable experiences that will last a lifetime. 

But how else do we work with children and their families? We inform families about the effects of cavities and what they can do to children’s well-being. We educate parents and caregivers about how to keep their baby’s mouths clean by guiding them through their development stages or milestones. These milestones include: 

  • Baby Teeth Eruption: Your child’s primary teeth, also known as their baby teeth, help form their jaw. Once the first tooth erupts, it makes way for different levels of care. Dental care for baby teeth should begin as soon as the teeth start to erupt.
  • Bottle-Feeding and Thumb-Sucking: During the next few years, parents should look after their child’s thumb-sucking, bottle-feeding, and drinking habits, as these are the times when cavities can form the most in children. Always supervise their brushing, make sure they get good nutrition and use supplemental fluoride treatments for healthy enamel. 
  • Mixed Dentition: The mixed dentition stage occurs when the baby teeth mix with their newer, adult teeth. During this milestone, they’re more prone to dental injuries from sports and tooth crowding, meaning they will need visits from dental specialists such as orthodontists to treat their teeth. 
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: Wisdom tooth removal is necessary once all of their adult teeth come in. In these cases, if they have malocclusions such as overbites or underbites, then they’ll also require braces treatment. 

Speak With Your Dentist About Childhood Milestones

Developmental milestones are essential for your child’s oral health. These milestones mark the transition for them becoming children to adults. By beginning your child’s dental care early, you can easily prevent dental problems from affecting their oral health and give them a great outlook for the future. For more information about childhood milestones, symptoms to look out for, and other measures to protect their oral health, the best place to go to is to their family or pediatric dentist. They’ll provide you with the information you need most and can protect your child’s oral health for life.

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