How The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected Dental Care

After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have begun to accept the presence of the virus as the new normal. During the pandemic, many dental practices had to shut down, reduce patient intake, and reduce staff numbers because of the pandemic. Due to these ailments, both in health and society, dental practices had to adapt to last through the last two years of their existence to regain appointments and make up for lost time. However, many advancements have been made due to the pandemic that has started taking hold in practices, and we’re here to explore what’s changed. 

What’s Advanced In Dentistry Due To The Pandemic? 

The pandemic has thrown giant curveballs for everyone, and the virus has become the new normal, but what does that mean for today’s dental practices? As more dentists are working to restore their practices financially, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have left behind some long-lasting effects, both good and bad. In many ways, there have been many advancements that have taken place, such as: 

  • Advanced Dental Safety:  Due to the pandemic, newer safety practices have remained in many dental practices, such as surgical masks, non-sterile gloves, and social distancing measures. In fact, about 8 in 10 dentists throughout the United States today still follow these Covid-19 guidelines as a way to reduce the spread of aerosols in dental offices. Because of the effectiveness of these guidelines, many dentists have adapted the set guidelines to fit their own personal needs and maintain these precautions as a result. 
  • Digital Communication & Teledentistry: Because of the effects of social distancing, advancements in communications through the use of digital devices and teledentistry. Patients seeking alternatives for their appointments were able to use their phones and other mobile devices for their needs. Because of the influx of virtual appointments, many practices have permanently adopted these technologies to bring better access to patients in need of dental care. 
  • Less Tech Adoption: Beyond teledentistry and newer safety measures, overall improvements in practice infrastructure, including the use of new equipment, have significantly decreased due to the pandemic. About 50 percent of dentists state that they’re less likely to adopt new equipment and other technologies to their practices due to their significant investment. As a result, many dentists have shifted from equipment to techniques, software upgrades, and dental materials for practice improvement. 

Will Dentistry Ever Recover From the Pandemic? 

Right now, it’s uncertain due to the multiple factors in place affecting practices today. However, the drastic changes already made in today’s practices have significantly improved how patients are treated. Overall, dental practices rely heavily on changes and updates to their infrastructures to survive beyond the pandemic because these changes are vital to the welfare and health of today’s patients. Moreover, encouraging patients to schedule appointments is one of the best ways to maintain patient’s dental health. So, if you want to support your local dentist, make sure to schedule an appointment with them soon for regular cleanings!

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