Learn More About Fluoride:

The leading cause of tooth decay is acids formed by sugars and bacteria in the mouth, resulting in tooth enamel loss. South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry provides fluoride treatments to help strengthen your enamel and help prevent the advance of tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are a central part of your family’s dental care and have been shown to aid in mineral reabsorption and the reversal of early decay in otherwise healthy teeth.

What To Know About Fluoride:

We often think of fluoride as an artificial substance that is applied by dentists or found in toothpaste. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is available in natural water sources and healthy foods like certain fruits and vegetables. Combined with phosphate and calcium, it serves an important role in the protection of our teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Fluoride Help Protect Our Teeth?

Mineral loss is an everyday part of a tooth’s existence as they resist the attack of acids causing demineralization. Remineralization, or the return of minerals to the enamel, also happens daily as phosphate, calcium, and fluoride return to the enamel. Fluoride aids in the process and prevents the balance of demineralization and remineralization from shifting too far and causing tooth decay. It also serves to help prevent demineralization in the first place by fusing with the enamel and strengthening it.

How is fluoride available?

Fluoride is available from a broad range of sources, both natural and otherwise. Cities tend to add fluoride to the city drinking water to aid in the prevention of tooth decay. It can easily be found in certain foods, mouth rinses, toothpaste, and other oral hygiene care products. When stronger concentrations are required, they can be received from a pharmacist with a prescription.

How Will I Receive Fluoride During My Appointment With Dr. Ulysses Vargas?

As part of twice-yearly visits, Dr. Vargas may offer fluoride treatments as part of your care. These treatments will be applied to your teeth using a foam, gel, or varnish that is enriched with fluoride. This will be done by painting them onto teeth with a varnish or gel. It can also be done with a mouthguard with foam or gel.

When Is It Important To Receive Fluoride Treatments?

While any patient can benefit from receiving fluoride treatment, those who benefit most are between the ages of six months and sixteen years old. Receiving sufficient fluoride during this period will ensure that their teeth grow strong and healthy.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Getting sufficient fluoride is essential for dental health, according to the American Dental Association. That being said, young children and infants should avoid receiving too much fluoride. This can best be done by avoiding using a formula that is made with tap water containing fluoride. Ready-to-feed formula, formula prepared with fluoride-free water, or breastfeeding are better choices to ensure over-fluoridation is not a concern.

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