Learn More About Dentures:

Dentures are false teeth that can be used to replace some or all of the teeth a patient is missing. When some teeth are remaining, a partial denture can be used, often using the remaining teeth as support. In this case, they are manufactured to fit securely to these teeth. When an entire arch of teeth is missing, or both arches, then full dentures are called for. Without remaining teeth to support them, they are secured onto the gums using suction and a mild adhesive. While partial dentures often include a framework made of metal, both types can be made with full acrylic bases instead.

What To Know About Dentures:

Dentures are among the most common and well-known types of dental replacement. They’ve been in use for thousands of years, appearing in different styles using different materials across multiple civilizations. Everything from wood to bone to animal and even human teeth has been used in their construction throughout the years. Modern dentures tend to be made from ceramic or composite materials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Dentures An Appropriate Choice For Me?

When you have had one or more teeth extracted or have lost them through physical trauma, dentures may be an appropriate solution. Many patients will have dentures suggested to them when Dr. Ulysses Vargas observes that a patient has one or more teeth that need to be extracted and cannot otherwise be saved. Almost every patient who has lost one or more teeth can benefit from dentures.

What Is Involved In Getting Dentures At South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry?

The process of getting dentures begins with getting an appointment with Dr. Ulysses Vargas to undergo a dental exam. During this exam, the health of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures will be determined. As part of this exam, a consultation will take place discussing possible dental treatments and restorations, which may include dentures. If dentures are determined to be appropriate, and no extractions are presently necessary, you’ll be fitted for dentures. If extractions are necessary, then an appointment for that will be scheduled.

When you’re being fitted for dentures, an impression of your teeth will be taken, and a prototype of your dentures made, generally out of wax. The wax prototype is used to ensure that your future dentures will fit your teeth comfortably. Once a comfortable fit has been achieved, this wax mold will be filled with hot plaster that will form the basis for your permanent denture. Often multiple visits will be necessary to ensure that a good fit is achieved.

What Happens After I Receive My Dentures?

The first steps following receiving your dentures involve wearing them and adjusting to the way they fit. During this period, you can expect some discomfort and awkwardness while wearing and using them until you get used to them. This can include gum irritation, production of excess saliva, and difficulties with speaking and eating. It generally takes about a month for this to improve and for you to become acclimated to your dentures.

During this period, you will also be learning how to care for your dentures under the guidance of Dr. Ulysses Vargas. You will need to take out the dentures each evening to permit your gums to rest. They will also need to be thoroughly cleaned at this time. When not actually being worn, the dentures will need to be thoroughly cleaned and placed in a solution to ensure they don’t dry out. Drying can cause dentures to warp and even crack, so be sure this doesn’t happen.

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