Which Type of Dentist Is Right For Your Child?

Children tend to struggle the most with maintaining good oral hygiene – it’s weird, annoying, and interferes with their fun! But as adults, we know that young children must learn to brush and floss their teeth properly. It protects their teeth from nasty cavities that can harm them for life! Most importantly, teaching them about their oral health means they can grow, learn, and teach their loved ones how to care for their teeth too!

But helping them learn how to care for their teeth isn’t just the parent’s job; having the right dentist to help them learn the basics can make all the difference. But which dentist is right for them? How can you know whether they receive the best care possible as a parent? At our practice, we’re here to help with some tips to help you find the right dentist for your child. 

How To Search For The Right Dentist For Your Child 

Dentists come with many qualifications, and many of them know their stuff. But do they know your child, and are they willing to work with your child to help them have a healthy smile? This question permeates almost every parent daily, and there are many dentists out there who are willing to help. However, when searching for the type of dentist that’s right for your child, here are some tips to look out for: 

Practice Atmosphere

Children are more observant than we think, and if your child’s not comfortable at the office, they have a pretty good idea of what their dentist will be like. Some practices, however, work to remove those anxieties by providing a kid-friendly atmosphere that’s engaging, warm, and inviting for them. Staff members should be welcoming and friendly and able to handle moments of stress in children who are uncomfortable with their cleanings and checkups, but most of all, you and your child should feel secure in the office and feel like you’re in good hands. 

Dentist Credentials

It’s always important to look at your dentist’s credentials to see how qualified they are to treat children. While most family dentists are qualified to treat children, pediatric dentists can treat children with complex and special case scenarios and have more training in communicating with children who respond differently to a treatment. Some dentists specialize in working with special needs children. Others are qualified to diagnose and treat certain conditions, such as cleft lips. It depends on the dentist and what your child needs to make it happen. 

Urgent Treatment and Availability

Having a dentist available whenever you need them is a huge plus, especially if your child ever develops a severe toothache or has a knocked-out tooth from an accident. In urgent scenarios requiring your dentist’s attention, they should have after-office hours, flexible payment plans, and an excellent staff to handle emergency scenarios when your child needs it most. 

Receive Quality Dental Care From South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry 

Always discuss their treatment options, payment plans, and other policies to ensure your child gets the most out of their care. In the meantime, schedule an appointment with South Hill Comprehensive dentistry to get your annual cleaning and receive the best quality dental care in the area. 

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