How Do Tooth Extractions Work To Improve Your Smile? 

One of the most dreaded procedures often feared by patients is tooth extraction. While no one wishes ever to lose a tooth, sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary to help improve your mouth’s overall health. While the process may appear intimidating, tooth extractions are sometimes a necessary procedure that can help protect your health and improve the look and feel of your smile. 

How Do Tooth Extractions Work To Improve Your Smile? 

Depending on your current oral health and any conditions you face, dental care will consist of two primary goals: preventing problems from worsening and improving your current health outlook. In some cases, the only natural way to prevent further harm to your oral health is tooth extraction, significantly if the tooth is compromised in some form. A compromised tooth can cause massive problems for your oral health, and some of the reasons your dentist may perform a tooth extraction include the following:

  • Poor Tooth Structure: If you’re experiencing a broken molar or a chipped tooth, most of these cases won’t require a tooth extraction. However, the tooth needs to be sturdy and healthy beyond its imperfections to be able to be repaired and saved. Tooth extractions may be needed in these cases if the tooth damage is too severe to repair and help protect your oral health. 
  • Tooth Infection: Tooth infections can pose many dangers to your oral health, as infections can spread over time to your other teeth. Infections to one tooth can spread to your other teeth and spread into your gums and jawbone. A simple cavity can turn into a disastrous problem for your mouth if you don’t get the tooth treated or removed with a tooth extraction. 
  • Tooth Impaction: Wisdom teeth are also called impacted teeth because of the way they impact the mouth. Wisdom teeth are always removed because they shift the adjacent teeth into unnatural positions over time, causing the teeth to misalign and then cause further issues with your mouth’s stricture. Sometimes other molars can become impacted, but in these cases, tooth extractions are considered a necessary procedure that can help protect your mouth for life. 

Tooth extractions are a simple, painless procedure that can protect your smile for life. Your dentist will inform you about the basics of your tooth extraction procedure, including anesthesia, procedure steps, and recovery instructions to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Most importantly, don’t worry – your dentist will be here to take care of you throughout your treatment and make sure you recover safely. 

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